Fully Automated Warehouse

We combine technologies such as robotics, visual systems, machine learning and advanced software to bring unparalleled performance to our automation solutions. Everything to deliver a competitive edge to our customers intralogistics operations around the world.

OSR Shuttle™ Sorter

The OSR Shuttle™ Sorter is part of the OSR Shuttle™ product series and is based on proven shuttle technology.
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Open Shuttle

Open Shuttles are automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that can move completely freely across available spaces without any guiding lines.
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Overhead conveyor system

The overhead conveyor system is designed to convey goods on hangers.
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Pocket sorter system

The pocket sorter system is an overhead sorting and sequencing system that can be equipped with adapters for Sorter Pockets and/or with adapters for hangers.
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Pick-it-Easy is the KNAPP’s innovative series of work stations based on the goods-to-person principle.
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Light Goods

Streamline is the KNAPP group’s container and carton conveyor system.
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Pallet Handling

Powerline is the KNAPP group’s pallet conveyor system.
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KNAPP covers all levels of software from warehouse management to individual optical sensors with its smart software solutions. As a result, it safeguards the productivity of the entire warehouse.
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