KNAPP Flexline Solution

Power for your processes


Ready to take-off into the world of logistics automation together?


KNAPP Flexline Solutions offer a perfect entry-level model to automate your intralogistics processes. The solution is created around proven conveyor systems technologies and consulting expertise based on many years of experience. The know-how, as well as standard building blocks, allow the design of an individual solution according to the customer’s wishes. In addition, our well-established portfolio of conveyor technologies, suitable for transporting conveyors, trays, cartons and soft packaging as well as diverse pallets, is ideal for applications with low to moderate complexity.



A perfect team


As an exclusive combination of two well-established conveyor systems – Powerline and Streamline – KNAPP Flexline Solutions form a perfect foundation for future expansion as it can be easily combined with other technologies within the KNAPP product family like Open Shuttles. With Streamline acting as the container conveyor system and Powerline being the pallet conveyor system KNAPP Flexline Solutions can be implemented in various ways to automate processes in your warehouse depending on specific requirements. Both all-in-one transport systems are composed of standard modules thus allowing customization with regards to size and investment. This scalable and modular design system also facilitates and accelerates the startup and installation process. Streamline and Powerline transportation systems offer an AS-i bus system enabling fast handling of maintenance and reparation tasks.




Load carriers Containers, trays, cartons, soft packaging
Weight of transport object Up to 50 kg
Type Roller conveyor system, belt conveyor system
Bus system Profilbus AS-iActuator-Sensor-Interface
Outer dimension 180 x 180 mm to 850 x 850 mm
Load carriers Pallets
(EUR-pallets, Chep, plastic etc.)
Weight of transport object Up to 1,300 kg
Type Roller conveyor system, chain conveyor system
Bus system Profilbus AS-iActuator-Sensor-Interface



All benefits at a glance


  • Ideal entry-level system to automate intralogistics processes
  • Specifically designed for applications with low to medium complexity
  • All-in-one solution with conveyor systems and PLC control systems
  • Based on years of experience and know-how
  • Possible integration of special machines and machines from third-party suppliers
  • Service and support throughout the whole lifetime of the installation
  • Fast project lead times and handling of offers