Vertical conveyor

Type VMR 22

Vertical conveyor designed for vertical transport of goods.


Max. load total 50 kg/goods unit.

Product description
Frame: 200x100x6mm Steel profile
Traveling cars: Steel construction
Casing: Mesh
Drive unit: Gearmotor with brake includes 2m cable
Voltage: 3x230/400 VAC, 50hz
Lifting unit: Prepared of mounting sensors in traveling car and pillar.
Others: Support brace applie to the pillar in the required number for safe operator.
Surface Finish: Zinc-plated
Accessories: Mesh safety. safety tunnel, lightcurtain.
Product data
Load profile L x W 600x800 mm
Lifting speed Max 1,5 m/s
Lifting height 2000-6000 mm with 500mm range