Type VBR 32

The turntable is used to change the direction of conveying.
Turntable type VBR 32 can be combined with roller conveyor types RBO
32, RBD 32 and RBA 32.
Type VBK 32-10
(Turntable type VBK 32-10 can be combined with chain conveyor type
KTD 32.
This alternative is not specified here – contact KNAPP AB for information.)


Max load 1200 kg.
Turning speed 90°/ 4,5 s, 180°/ 8 s.

Product description
Frame Steel
Covers Steel
Drive unit Gearmotor 0,37kW with 2m rubber cable
Voltage 3 x 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
Finish Steel detail, zinc-plated
Product data
Turning angle 90° or 180° Specify when ordering
L Conveyor length 1400 mm
NW Nominal width 950 mm
H Height top of roller Notify when ordering
Type A mm
VBR 32 - NW950 1847

For width NW1150 contact KNAPP AB