Transfer unit

Type VRR 23 with multiple belts

Transfer unit designed for transferring goods to/from roller conveyor RBA 23.


Max. load total 50 kg/goods unit.
Width of goods 200-800 mm.
Width of goods 300-800 mm.

Product description
Frame: Steel construction
Drive unit: Electric drum Ø 113 including connector box
Motor power: 0.18 kW and 0,55kW
Voltage: 3x400 V 50 Hz or 3x230 V 50 Hz
Lift unit: Pneumatic
Indicator: Position indicator at bottom. M 12 connector
Guard: Cover plate between rollers
Surface finish: Steel, zinc plated Aluminium, naturally anodised
Accessories: Blade stop RBT23-HD, not included
Miscellaneous: With or without valve kit
Product data
01 Overhang one side Figure 1
02 Overhang both sides Figure 2
NW Nominal width 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
D Roller diameter 50/54 mm
V1/H1 Overhang Left/ Right with type 01 V1/H1
S Speed 0.35/ 0.56/ 0.81/ 1.0 m/s
I Designed for frequency converter 3x230 V 50 Hz
P Pitch 100, 60 mm
Number of belts 2-6 pcs
V2/H2 Driving belt side
PN Valve kit Ordered separately Part number: 100457AA 8 mm hose, M 12 connector, 4-pole


Type Overhang Driving belt side
01 V1 H2, Fig.1
01 V1 V2
01 H1 V2
01 H1 H2
02 - V2
02 - H2, Fig.2


The required type of overhang is to be chosen first. (01/02). Thereafter
the roller conveyor section is chosen depending on the length of the
goods. The driving belt is placed on the right side as standard, but placement
on the left side is an option. The point of balance can affect the
function. Please contact KNAPP AB for more information.

Placement of belts

The placement is indicated by 1 and 0 from the stop side towards the direction
of conveyance. See example.