Recipe for success

Our mission
With the sale and implementation of a new logistics system in our customers’ warehouses, we have also taken on the commitment of providing our customer all the necessary support services for the optimal performance of the system. We strive to provide these support services with excellence during the entire lifetime of the system. We seek to understand our customer’s business and aspire to achieve efficiency, accuracy and reliability at all times. We aim at being the business partner of choice, providing solutions quickly, reliably and proficiently when it comes to repairs, modifications, modernizing or any other work necessary in our customers’ systems.

Our vision
KNAPP Customer Service pursues the goal of setting the industry standard in After Sales Service with the development and application of service tools, providing modern support to our customers’ businesses. KNAPP strives to be a reliable business partner during and beyond the service life of the installed logistics systems. Internally, KNAPP strives to be the employer of choice who offers workers and employees the confidence, training and support to master the high standards expected in order to contribute to the business of our customers.