All-in-one conveyor system

Streamline is the KNAPP group’s container and carton conveyor system. The conveyor system handles important tasks in an intralogistics system, serving as the main artery of the warehouse and supplying the right goods to wherever they are needed. Streamline is an all-in-one conveyor system containing both mechatronic components and control elements, and comes in roller conveyor and belt conveyor designs.

KNAPP Streamline

High versatility

Streamline is used for a variety of applications throughout order fulfilment and distribution centres.

Load carriers Containers, trays, cartons, soft packaging
Weight of transport object Up to 50 kg
Load carrier outer dimensions 180 x 180 mm bis 850 x 850 mm
Performance Up to 3,500 load carriers per hour

The individual Streamline components are available in different designs, varying in nominal width, roller pitch, etc.

KNAPP Streamline

Modular design

Streamline is modular in design, using component building blocks that share common parts. There is at least one component available for each logistical function, such as a roller conveyor, belt conveyor, transfer element or elements for handling transport goods. The modular system delivers maximum scalability; therefore, Streamline can be precisely adapted to size and investment. KNAPP relies on high quality standard parts and works together with well-known suppliers to bring you Streamline.

A hybrid drive concept with a three-phase asynchronous motor drive unit and a motorized roller drive unit ensures optimal performance. A tried and tested AS-i bus system acts as the Streamline control technology, allowing components to be connected easily and economically. The AS-i bus system forms the basis of the intuitive full visualization with KiSoft SCADA. KiSoft SCADA visualizes everything up to actuator-sensor level and ensures maximum availability. KiSoft SCADA also provides additional support during maintenance. Streamline is easy to maintain, which saves time. Access from above means that all components can be replaced quickly. Rollers with clasps and modules that can be replaced as a whole also contribute to keeping maintenance simple.

Advantages of Streamline

  • Maximum performance: throughput of up to 3,500 containers, trays or cartons per hour
  • Hybrid drive unit: maximum performance with minimum noise using the three-phase asynchronous motor drive unit and motorized roller drive unit
  • Smart control system: tried and tested AS-i bus system connects components simply and economically; intuitive full visualization of everything up to the individual sensors and actuators with KiSoft SCADA
  • Process innovation: fast installation and startup thanks to a modular system and a high degree of pre-assembly
  • Quality: proven technologies ensure maximum quality
  • Energy efficient: maximum availability and performance with minimum energy consumption thanks to the revolutionary accumulation stop concept
  • Easy maintenance: rollers with clasps; replacement of entire modules and assemblies; stream-lined spare parts management thanks to parts commonality

We can help you all the way

Manually handling load carriers and documents costs both time and resources, is subject to errors and is monotonous for personnel. These processes can be reliably and efficiently automated to optimize order handling.

KNAPP offers an extensive portfolio of handling systems for containers, trays, cartons, pallets and documents, based on the latest Streamline and Powerline conveyor concepts. KNAPP’s handling systems are characterized by their high performance, profitability and efficiency.

Manually handlings containers and trays costs both time and resources. KNAPP’s handling systems automate these tasks. This not only boosts efficiency, it also saves money and relieves strain on personnel. An extensive, made to order portfolio of handling systems for containers and trays, is available for diverse processes.

High versatility

The handling systems have been developed for use in order processing and distribution centres and provide efficient, flexible and automated order processing.

Handling systems for containers and trays can take care of the following tasks:

  • Stacking
  • Destacking
  • Emptying
  • Sealing

Modular design

Modular in design, the handling systems fit right into the standard design concept of KNAPP’s Streamline conveyor system, which includes parts commonality. This means that they can be seamlessly integrated into the intralogistics system. Structure and function depend how the handling system will be used.

Advantages of handling systems

  • Boost productivity by automating time-consuming, monotonous activities
  • High quality thanks to mechanized processes
  • Free employees from monotonous tasks
  • Easy maintenance by virtue of the open and easily accessible modular design
  • Run both quietly and on-demand to save energy, but are still incredibly fast
  • Energy efficient
  • Fits the Streamline parts commonality and design concept

The handling systems for cartons process them efficiently and automatically across various warehouse processes.

Handling systems for cartons can take care of the following tasks:

  • Erecting cartons
  • Sealing
  • Inserting carton dividers
  • Opening
  • Strapping
Carton erector

Efficient and flexible automation

Paper handling systems have been developed for use in order processing and distribution centres and provide efficient, flexible and automated document handling.

They can take care of the following tasks:

  • Automatic order starting
  • Inserting documents
  • Addressing and marking all goods for shipping

Parts commonality and unified control

Modular in design, the paper handling systems fit right into the standard design concept of KNAPP’s Streamline conveyor system, including parts commonality. All print stations are managed by Print Station Control System (PCS) and are equipped with touchscreen monitors. The PCS is characterized by simple user guidance and visualizes the operational states of the print station.

Print Control Station PCS

Advantages of paper handling systems

  • Top-notch serviceability as components are easily accessible
  • Incredibly cost-effective and time-saving with features such as “just-in-time” print data
  • High throughput thanks to automated order processing
  • Quiet operation and on-demand energy consumption
  • Specially developed control system for print stations (PCS)

Uniform and easy user guidance with visualization

The KNAPP group has an extensive portfolio of control and measurement systems that guarantee maximum quality and performance.


Measuring the space required

Measuring devices from the MultiScan series record the dimensions and weight of articles to determine how much space is required.

Learn more about the space measuring devices here.


Profile measurement

The profile measuring devices in the Profilescan series are measuring frames developed for driven roller and belt conveyors, which identify and check load carriers.

Learn more about the profile measuring devices here.

Vision Scantunnel

The Vision product series is the central technology in KNAPP’s zero defect warehouse. Vision Scantunnel handles and checks both containers and cartons reliably and efficiently.

Process reliability starts with the goods-in procedure and Vision Scantunnel is a reliable solution that automates this procedure intelligently. The Vision Scantunnel captures information contained in 1D and 2D codes on cartons or containers using its high-performance camera system. Optionally, characteristics such as straps, safety or adhesive tape, and dirt can also be detected. Using the Vision Scan Tunnel can also simplify downstream processes considerably.

KNAPP Vision Scan Tunnel

The KNAPP group has a comprehensive portfolio of automatic and semi-automatic systems for packing and securing goods for transport, guaranteeing both high quality and security.

The following selection of systems has been developed for packing and securing goods for transport:

  • Bagging machine
  • Pallet wrapper
  • Banding machine
  • Strapping machine
  • Shrink wrapper
KNAPP pallet wrapper