is all in the detail…

… so they say. Very few sectors are as dynamic, fast-paced and changeable as the retail sector. Shopping has never been as easy, quick, individual and open to choice for consumers as it is today. The sales channel boundaries are no longer set in stone – something that provides consumers with a much richer shopping experience. Flexible performance across all processes is a must for ensuring the Supply Chain is geared towards the future. KNAPP sees it as its duty to provide sophisticated automation solutions in this fast-changing market environment to create a good foundation for success.

Behind every unique shopping experience there is a unique logistics solution. These companies rely on smart automation brought to them by KNAPP.

Welcome to the omni-channel warehouse.

Order online and either pick up your items in the shop or have them delivered to your door the next day – individual gift-wrapping, convenient shipping of returns and exchange of goods are no problem. Omni-channel retailing is the key to ultimate customer satisfaction. Each customer can shape their own individual shopping experience. Three elements are key to reproducing this individual shopping experience in efficient logistics processes:

  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Quality

Whoever is more flexible and faster is one step ahead of the competition and has the customer on board. It’s also crucial to save costs with each and every process step in order to operate the distribution centre cost-effectively.

KNAPP’s omni-channel warehouse brings together all business models under one roof creating sustainable added value. Automation is used where appropriate; technology is there to help staff in manual warehouse areas. The system offers maximum creative freedom and is scalable in performance and function. As a result, a changeable article range, fluctuating demands for performance or new business models can be flexibly handled in the omni-channel warehouse.

Are you online? Made-to-order solutions for e-commerce

Speed, price and service are key to a successful online business. Same and next day delivery have long been the gold standards in online trade. KNAPP has extensive experience in single item picking and has made use of this in developing new solutions for e-commerce applications suitable for a range of sectors. Fundamental technologies are at the heart of these solutions, pooling and consolidating complex demands and processes within the warehouse. They make complexity simple and turn a distribution centre into a low complexity warehouse.

The shuttle family is one of the most important fundamental technologies in the low complexity warehouse. The high-performance OSR Shuttle™ Evo not only takes care of storing, buffering and sequencing flat-packed goods, it also replenish and supply picking areas. The free-moving Open Shuttle connects complex transport networks and can also handle express orders within the warehouse. The versatile Pick-it-Easy work stations guarantee efficient and accurate picking. The goods-to-person principle is used to achieve optimal ergonomics and efficiency. Pick-it-Easy work stations can also register returns cost-effectively and reliably so that they are ready to be sold again in very little time. Value-added services such as adding catalogues are also integrated into the workflow at the Pick-it-Easy work stations. High-performance Pocket Sorters using RFID technology handle hanging goods effectively. Single items are sorted and sequenced according to individual specifications with the help of matrix sortation. A customized software solution from KNAPP optimizes the flow of goods and ensures short transit times in the low complexity warehouse.

Quality and efficiency– forever in conflict?

Are you searching for a solution that combines maximum efficiency and maximum quality? And which saves money and consolidates processes at the same time? The OSR Shuttle™ Evo and Pick-it-Easy combined with an integrated software solution make an incredibly strong team, which can cater to all these demands.

Most of the article range is stored securely in containers, trays or cartonswithin the OSR Shuttle™ Evo, taking up minimal space thanks to multi-deeporganization. The integrated software solution for the OSR Shuttle™ Evo comes in the form of KiSoft or SAP® EWM and provides complete access as well a complete overview of the article range and the system as a whole. In the event of changes to the article range or seasonal fluctuations, individual articles or even the entire range can be retrieved at the touch of a button. As a result, the system provides the flexibility required to respond to last-minute changes.

The OSR Shuttle™ Evo rack line system is modular and can therefore be scaled to size and function. This provides the OSR Shuttle™ Evo with sufficient flexibility to cater to current and future demands. It’s a reliable partner, even during peak periods such as the run up to Christmas. By storing goods one on top of the other in the nearest possible storage location, it reduces costs and makes the best possible use of the space available. Each rack level comes with a shuttle for retrieving containers, trays and cartons before transferring them to the incredibly fast lifts. All this guarantees maximum throughput and system availability. processes within the flow of goods. The goal: one touch handling. Each article is stored and retrieved only once during order processing, improving efficiency and profitability significantly. All-in-shuttle means that the OSR Shuttle™ Evo also handles processes such as buffering and sequencing shipments. As a result, the workload is distributed efficiently, making the best possible use of slack periods. Precise sequencing in turn considerably reduces the amount of work at the point of sale. Replenishing manual or automatic picking areas at exactly the right time, using the OSR Shuttle™ Evo, improves efficiency within these areas.

The ergonomic Pick-it-Easy work stations are connected to the OSR Shuttle™ Evo. It supplies the work stations with goods at just the right time, to make sure the work load is evenly distributed. After processing, it then stores the goods once again. Various tasks can be completed at the multifunctional Pick-it-Easy work stations such as picking, storing, adding goods, defragmentation, merging, inventory and value added services. As a result, the Pick-it-Easy work stations fit perfectly into KNAPP’s low complexity warehouse philosophy.

The warehouse worker takes centre stage at the Pick-it-Easy work stations, thanks to the cutting-edge goods-to-person principle and the special KiDesign. The result is efficient, ergonomic and cost-effective order processing. Pick-it-Easy Multi and Pick-it-Easy Pocket are especially suited for the demands of e-commerce and omni-channel retail. The work stations can process goods from different sales channels and with different order structures, boosting the warehouse’s efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Ingeniously sorted with the Pocket Sorter

How can both hanging and flat-packed goods be conveyed, sorted and sequenced within a single system – regardless of the business model? The Pocket Sorter is the answer. The Pocket Sorter has been developed for high-performance warehouses and therefore has sufficient capacity for peak periods. Consequently, the Pocket Sorter is ideal for use in e-commerce and omni-channel retail. The highlight of the Pocket Sorter is matrix sortation; parts that were picked in different warehouse areas in batches are put into a precise sequence.

The Pocket Sorter has a modular design and can therefore be adapted in terms of size, performance and investment. It also means that it’s easy to expand.

KiSoft: High-performance and versatile

Control, check, optimize – KiSoft is the KNAPP group’s comprehensive software package that guarantees transparency along the entire supply chain. KiSoft covers all applications in the warehouse, from WMS and WCS to the control of automatic and semi-automatic processes including individual sensors. It’s also possible to integrate several locations and evaluate or visualize processes and key figures. The easyUse operating concept is available for all KiSoft applications. easyUse ensures that software can be used intuitively across all levels. Important information is displayed at exactly the right time. Whether on a smartphone, tablet or touch screen, easyUse provides a unique user experience with a user-orientated display of content.

Finger on the pulse with Vision technologies

Prevent errors before they occur and increase quality and efficiency in the process, reduce costs and establish a self-learning organization. This is what KNAPP’s zero defect warehouse is all about. Continuous monitoring integrated into each and every process step means time-consuming final checks are a thing of the past. The key technology in the zero defect warehouse is Vision. This image recognition and processing technologyprovides reliable monitoring in both manual and automatic processes.

Vision Desk is a cutting-edge work station that supports efficient and accurate manual sorting of batch orders. It allocates the individual articles to the customer orders and projects various markings on to them. This for the employee to allocate the articles to the customer orders. The Vision Desk simultaneously checks whether the orders are complete and correct, and displays any detected errors. It therefore provides a high-tech working environment that focusses on the intuitive communication between man and machine.

A smart add-on from the Vision series is available for the Pick-it-Easy Shop work station. The Vision technology is integrated into the Pick-it-Easy work station which means that a 100 % check is incorporated in order processing. The employees immediately receive feedback about performance, helping to build a self-learning organization.

Comfortable service that fits

The focus of the KNAPP service philosophy is the continuous availability and performance of the intralogistics system. Being able to rely on a strong partner in the right place at the right time is also important. KNAPP tops off its portfolio of one-stop solutions with its customized services. With System Support 360°+ KNAPP offers a comprehensive range of services that are tailored to individual needs and requests. Proactive maintenanceongoing care and the optimization of technologies and processes are key to success. opportunities in service. Important data is generated through ongoing data collection from the system and through condition monitoring which can be used to evaluate the performance and condition of the system in real time. This data shows what measures need to be taken. On KNAPP’s service portal e-insight, customers can view current and historical data anytime, anywhere.

Big data then becomes smart data and forms the foundation for important decisions.