Spare parts logistics

The supply of high-quality spare parts at the right time is the key to a smooth logistics operation. The spare parts team creates a spare parts package tailored specifically to your logistics system and is happy to assist you at any time in ordering and optimizing your spare parts.

Our parts procurement experts can recommend the initial level of spares required for your particular installation.
The KNAPP  team will then manage parts usage and continue to refine the spares schedule to ensure the correct levels of spare parts are maintained on site.

Spare parts packages

KNAPP offers three types of spare parts packages to ensure the levels of stock for your spares are arranged to optimally suit your requirements.

Spare Parts Package BASIC
The BASIC spare parts package is the economical deal. It contains a minimum portion of single components for repairs as well as a minimum of spare parts and wearing parts. This version is suited for customers operating their warehouses in single shifts without the demand for high system availability. The system technician of our customers have a high degree of experience and expertise in repairs, performing repairs and maintenance mainly outside of production time.

Spare Parts Package ADVANCED
The ADVANCED spare parts package is mainly suited for systems in two-shift operation. System technicians perform repairs, partially outside of the production times.
This ADVANCED version consists of a minimum portion of replacement modules and a recommended number of spare parts and wearing parts.

Spare Parts Package PREMIUM
The PREMIUM spare parts package is tailored to the demands of systems geared to highest availability or managed in three-shift operation. In order to keep effects on the continuous operation of your logistics system down to a minimum, components must be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. This package therefore includes a large amount of replacement modules as well as a suited number of spare parts and wearing parts tailored to the smooth operation of your system which ensure components are serviced directly at your location.

Spare part service

Spare parts consulting
The optimal stock-keeping of spare parts plays a significant role when carrying out necessary repair work or scheduled warehouse inspections successfully and efficiently. Once you have received your tailored spare parts package, the KNAPP service team will assist you in handling your individual components or even in designing your spare parts storage system. Keep track of your stock at all times: spare parts consulting also includes the inventory of existing spare parts storage systems as well as identifying and optimizing available spare parts stock.

Spare parts procurement
Whether you require spare parts, want to re-order replaced parts or have parts repaired, our entire service team is at your disposal throughout our business hours. The service team speaks five languages and will be happy to assist you with any spare parts questions.

Our expert staff will provide you with the necessary spare parts, prioritizing and optimizing delivery times so the replacement of critical spare parts will not affect your production. Our spare parts experts are also happy to support you in handling any repairs and warranty claims for spare parts from sub-suppliers.