Warehouse storage solutions

The heart of the modern warehouse
KNAPP offers storage system that forms the heart of a modern warehouse with its tremendous versatility. Numerous customers worldwide trust in KNAPP's experience.

High versatility
There is a wide range of demands on an intralogistics system. KNAPP offers a solutions that realizes central processes in a warehouse with sevweral types of technology.

• Space-effective storage for different load carriers as trays and pallets
• Efficient picking
• Error-free buffering
• Accurate sequencing
• Reliable flow rack replenishment

Space-efficient and scalable
Through the scalable, space-saving rack system, the costs of acquisition can be optimally tailored to any requirementsand can be expanded easily in the future.

Software solutions
KNAPP offers the best of both worlds: software solutions made-to-measure in the KiSoft family with KiSoft SRC or all of the advantages of an SAP solution with the EWM OSR ShuttleTM Driver.

Safety is top priority at KNAPP. KNAPP has cooperations with renowned institutions such as TÜV Rheinland. The access concept and safety devices monitoring access to moving parts comply with the most modern standards. The stable construction of the OSR ShuttleTM is even suitable for use in earthquake zones or on a mezzanine.

In total, using the most modern energy-saving technologies, KNAPP has the lowest energy consumption among comparable systems on the market while achieving even higher performance.