Container unloading and palletising solution

The RTT LONGREACHTM extendible belt conveyor is utilised for efficient and ergonomic carton handling when loading or unloading shipping containers or trailers.

The complete solution may contain the extendible conveyor, conveyor lines to a palletising area and one or two semi-automatic MANPAC palletisers. It also contains MAXIMOVE pallet conveyors for empty pallet supply and transport of the loaded pallet.

The RTT LONGREACHTM extendible belt conveyor consist of a telescopic conveyor with a small and flexible RTT conveyor attached on the front. The combined movement from both these conveyor units you are able to reach all points in a 40 foot container.

The conveyors are operated smoothly in all directions by using one handle on the front of the RTT. The fast positioning makes it easy for the operator to reach and push over cartons without lifting.

Several accessories as work light, heating etc. are available to create an optional working environment.

The RTT LONGREACHTM can be installed stationary at one door or be mounted on a trolley to be movable servicing several docking positions.

The MANPAC palletizer is utilised when many different carton types and patterns shall be palletised. An operator forms the pattern on a roller table and the machine then places the full layers on the pallet until full height. The full pallet is then dispatched and a new empty pallet is automatically received from the pallet magazine.