Carton and totes handling systems

Carton and Tote Handling Systems includes all products and equipment used to handle and process small goods.

Our Carton and Tote Handling Systems are designed to handle small goods in all areas and environments such as:
• Goods receiving
• Storage areas
• Production and palletizing
• For picking and customizing pallets
• Packing and shipping areas

Different kinds of equipment are used to furnish the systems such as:
• Moving Streamline conveyor units
• Goods infeed conveyor systems
• Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems
• Shuttle systems
• Picking stations
• Palletizers
• Empty
• Packing and Sealing machines
• Label applicators

Applications in production
Systems are required in production to transport semi-finished products between production areas or machines.
The functionality often requires tailor made conveyors and equipment adapted to the process. Other typical applications in production are trash conveyors, erection and supply of empty cartons, packing lines and packing stations.

Applications for small goods picking
A classical pick to belt or zone picking solution may be the first step for a smaller company when introducing an automatic warehouse system.

A flexible Warehouse Management system using “pick to display”, “pick to voice”, or hand-held RF terminals is often a very cost-efficient way to keep down distribution costs and improve picking capacity.
KNAPP AB can offer many different solutions to support and improve your process!

KNAPP AB offers a complete range of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems for storage, picking and distribution in warehouses. OSR shuttle systems are utilized to achieve a very efficient storage- ,sorting-, picking- and distributing process for small goods handling for applications in many different customer segments such as food, non-food, e-commerce, fashion, pharmacy, cosmetics, media, office, tools and spares.
Do you want to save storage space, pick ergonomically, pack and dispatch efficiently and achieve a higher level of service for your customers? KNAPP AB offers innovative solutions for your sector.