OSR Shuttle™

Highly dynamic shuttle systems are utilized for the automatic handling of goods in automatic storages, picking operations and for sorting of goods. The systems increase efficiency for processes in order picking storages, interim storage for sorting and dispatch of products or orders.

New technology makes simultaneous storage and retrieval possible on every rack level.  Several types of OSR shuttle systems are available for different applications, sizes and goods weights.

Containers or cartons may be used as load carriers.

High-performance lifts at the front side of each rack line are together with fast and reliable conveyor systems handling your products through the entire processing chain.

Order picking

The OSR picking systems are automated storage systems for small parts, incorporating pick-to-light/put-to-light technology based on the classic goods-to-person principle. These systems were developed to provide high product density for a large product range while being able to deal with large quantities of small orders. Depending on the system configuration, a picking performance of up to 1,000 order lines per man-hour is possible.

Dispatch sorter

The OSR dispatch sorter systems handle the containers to the goods-out area where they are diverted to ramps to be prepared for dispatch. The containers can be sorted either according to destination (postal code) or according to store or carrier.

Several options are available for insertion of invoice and delivery note, automatically sealing or strapping and automatic application of a shipping label etc.