The newest generation of pallet conveyor systems



Product description


Powerline is the KNAPP group’s pallet conveyor system. It forms the basis of efficient processes and is 100 % in tune with the demands of modern logistics centers. Maximum efficiency, highest possible availability and cost-effectiveness are Powerline hallmarks. Powerline is an all-in-one conveyor system comprising mechatronic components and control elements and is available with roller conveyors or chain conveyors. Powerline covers all logistical functions from conveying, transferring and diverting, to zero pressure accumulation.




Load carriers                                               Pallets (EUR-pallet, Chep, plastic, etc.)

Weight of transport object                         up to 1,300 kg

Performance                                                up to 240 pallets per hour

Conveying speed                                         0,2 / 0,3 / 0,4 m/s




Structure and function


Powerline is modular in design and uses the principle of common parts, meaning it can be adapted precisely in terms of size and investment. This system of standard modules also allows a fast startup and installation process and helps to streamline spare parts management and maintenance.  Moreover, it contributes to speeding up the on-site installation times since a high degree of pre-assembly takes place ex-works. Powerline is perfectly integrated into the KNAPP conveyor system product line and can be easily combined with other systems, such as the Open Shuttles or the Streamline conveyor systems.

All components are designed with the IP54 protection class which ensures usage of high-quality parts during the production process of our/the conveyors. We ensure that high-quality parts have been used in the production of our conveyors. Furthermore, all Powerline components are protected with the class IP54 at a minimum. Both system and emergency control are realized through and an AS-I bus system which results in decreased cabling expenses and modification and extensions can be implemented more easily in the future.




Efficiency and flexibility


Powerline combines efficiency and flexibility using intelligent motors and a new pneumatic accumulation system, every location can be switched on and off individually. Combined with a smart control system, an accumulation line can be established with a single drive unit. Furthermore, integration of work stations or transfer units into the accumulation conveyor can be executed without an additional drive unit. The integrated EcoMode allows Powerline to fulfill even the strictest demands for energy efficiency.


Using modern electrical and control concepts a full visualization of Powerline is possible down to the level of sensors and actuator. KiSoft SCADA is, therefore, the ideal complement to Powerline and supports plannable, proactive maintenance that is appropriate to the level that the conveyor system is used.




Advantages of Powerline


  • Intelligent control concept: proven AS-i bus system
  • Full visualization: with KiSoft SCADA up to sensor and actuator level
  • Scalable: precise adaptation in size and investment thanks to its modular design
  • Powerful and versatile: conveys various types of pallets (EUR-pallet, Chep, plastic, etc.)
  • Process innovation: fast installation and start-up using the modular system and a maximum degree of pre-assembly
  • Energy efficient: maximum availability and performance with minimum energy consumption thanks to the revolutionary accumulation stop concept
  • Easy maintenance: stream-lined spare parts management thanks to parts commonality
  • Cost effectiveness: direct integration of work stations without separate drive units