The YLOG-shuttle-system is especially suited for distribution centres, where the system is flexible and versatile. The technology is based on freely moving shuttles that store goods in rack system but can also move goods to storing locations outside the rack as workstations.

The shuttle systems may also be utilised for material handling in production applications or assembling processes, as a production buffer or for the fully automatic supply of work stations and for sortation and distribution of the finished product.

The rack system is easily fitted to the structure of the existing building. The scalability of the system allows shuttles and racks to be easily added without complication when needed as the company grows.

The shuttle system is also suitable in many different branches as laundries, painting plants, libraries, archives, banks, hospitals etc

Product description

The YLOG-shuttles are available in three standard sizes and are equipped with swivelling wheels. An innovative power supply system allows the shuttles to move independently in the racks, across levels and beyond the limits of the aisle. The price/performance ratio and energy consumption provide a tremendous advantage in comparison to conventional stacker cranes or vertical carousels.