Lifting table

Type UXM 16 - 8/8

The lifting table is designed to eliminate level differences in, for example,
production flow.


Load capacity 1500 kg (uniformly distributed). Maximum 20 cycle per h.

Product description
Frame, scissors,
roller conveyor
Steel construction
Lifting unit Free standing hydraulic pump and single acting cylinder.
Motor power 1.4 kW
Roller conveyor Min. height top of roller 85 mm
Conveying speed 0,2 m/s
Roller diameter 60 mm
Roller pitch 200 mm
Power 0,55 kW
Motor voltage 3 x 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz
Lowering valve 24 V DC, 16 W
Sealing IP55 / IP65
Finish Powder coated in RAL 5019, blue
Product data
Lifting stroke 800 mm
Cycle time 15 s
Closed height top of scissors 210 mm
Closed height top of motor 295 mm
Total length 1380 mm
Width over conveyor 850 mm
Total width 1590 mm
Equipment weight 530 kg