Transfer car

Type TVR 32 (type TVK 32 - 10)

The transfer car is used for transferring goods between parallel conveyors.
Transfer car type TVR 32-10 can be combined with roller conveyor types
RBO 32, RBD 32 and RBA 32.

Type TVK 32
(Transfer car type TVK 32-10 can be combined with chain conveyor type
KTD 32. This alternative is not specified here – contact KNAPP AB for
Turntable type VBR 32-10 (type VBK 32-10) can be applied to transfer
car type TVR 32-10 (type TVK 32-10).


Max load 1200 kg.

Product description
Car Steel construction
Transfer speed 0-2 m/s
Note Roller conveyor ordered separately: Conductor rail ordered separately Rail ordered separately Cable channel ordered separately Electrical cabinet ordered separately
Wheels Polyurethane coated steel wheels, ø 250 mm
Finish Steel detail, zinc-plated resp. powder painted RAL 7037 grey
Product data
NW Nominal width 950, 1150 mm
TL Total Length 1400 mm
Type L mm
TVR 32 - NW950 1972
TVR32 - NW1150 1972+200

The transfer car is normally used within a closed-off area.

Transfer car TVR32-11 used for two pallet places please contact KNAPP