Scale unit

Type RWC 32

Roller Conveyor with scale unit. The scale unit measures the weight of
the pallets (load) and sends information to control module. Static and
Continous weighing.


Max load 1000-1500 kg (excl. roller conveyor)

Product description
Frame Steel construction
Finish Zinc-plated
Product data
TL Total Length 1600 mm
P Roller Pitch 200 mm
NW Nominal width 950 mm, 1150 mm
Type Function
RWC 32-01 Simple checkweigher that provides signal when max weight is exceeded. No display. Output digital I/O.
RWC 32-11 Used to display current weight, with output to controlsystem. Display. Output RS232.
RWC 32-21 No display. Output Profibus DP.