Photocell assembly

Type RBT 32 - 270/273

Photocell assembly intended to indicate goods on the roller conveyor.
Contains a photocell and reflective mirror. Can be supplied with variants
of the photocell function.

Product description
Frame Steel construction
Finish Zinc-plated
Other Fixing included
Product data
Sensing Distance 0-2,5m
Voltage 10-30 VDC
Maximum Current 100 mA
Current Consumption Max. 30 mA
Degree of protection IP69k
Signal Type PNP (NPN)
Connector Type M14, 4-pin
Type Function
RBT 32-270 Mirror Reflector
RBT 32-271 Proximity
RBT 32-272 WS/WE (transmitter/receiver)
RBT 32-273 Proximity with teach function