Type RBT 32 - 102/104

Walkway plate intended for roller conveyor type RBO and RBD, to be
mounted between the conveyor rollers when a walkway is required.
Made from antislip chequer plate.

Note: A guide collar RBT32-112 should be mounted before the walkway
to prevent pallets catching on the attachment on the driveside.

Product description
Material Steel construction
Finish Zinc-plated
Other Holder and fixing screws included
Product data
NW Nominal width 950, 1150 mm
P Roller Pitch 150, 200 mm
Type Function
RBT32-102-NW950-P200 Driven
RBT32-102-NW950-P150 Driven
RBT32-102-NW1150-P200 Driven
RBT32-102-NW1150-P150 Driven
RBT32-104-NW950-P200 Undriven
RBT32-104-NW950-P150 Undriven
RBT32-104-NW1150-P200 Undriven
RBT32-104-NW1150-P150 Undriven