Blade stop

Type RBT 23 - LD

Blade stop designed for roller conveyor RBA 23 and RBO 23 with pneumatic
function. Optional roller brake for reduction of impact.


Maximum load carrier weight at speed without brake.

(m/s) (kg)
0.15 200
0.25 80
0.50 20

At speeds above 0.5 m/s, roller brake is needed to reduce stopping force.

Product description
Frame, bladestop: Steel construction
Power: Pneumatic function
Surface finish: Zinc plated
Pneumatics: Unistable valve integrated in cylinder Connection hose Ø 8 mm
Connector M 12, 4-pole
Lifting distance 20 mm above top of roller
solenoid valve: Type LBS 23 - order separately
Miscellaneous: Alternative 1: Without roller brake Alternative 2: With roller brake add ”-B” to the order number
Product data
NW Nominal width 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
SW Stop width 150, 250, 350, 450, 650 mm

Stop not usable at roller pitch 60 mm with D54 PVC-coated roller.