Undriven roller conveyor

Type RBO - 23

Undriven roller conveyor for handling unit loads.
Goods type: boxes, cartons, plastic totes, pallets.


Max. load 100 kg/m dependent on roller and support stand pitch.

Product description
Frame Aluminium with plastic cover plate.
Roller D 50-roller zinc plated steel pipe
Support stand: Type BNS 23 - order separately
Side guide: Type LBS 23 - order separately
Surface finish: Zinc, plated steel Aluminium, naturally anodised
Product data
TL Conveyor length 600-3000 mm (with lengths over 3000 mm use beam connection)
D Roller diameter 50 mm D
NW Nominal width 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm NW
P Pitch 60, 100, 140, 180 mm P