Type PPT 23

Pusher designed to transfer goods between conveyors, for example RBO
23, RBA 23 or BGL 23. The compressive force is adjustable in
order to reduce the risk of clamping. A shield between the rollers must be
used when personnel are near the pusher.


Max. load total 25 kg/goods unit.
Height of goods max 350 mm.

Product description
Frame: Steel construction
Drive unit: Pneumatically operated shuttle cylinder
Sensor: Position indicator at both ends. M 12 connector, 4-pole
Surface finish: Zinc plated
C: Protective shield between rollers
RT/LT: Right/Left design
Transfer angle: 30˚
Miscellaneous: With or without valve kit

Figure shows right hand model.

NW Nominal width 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm
STL Stroke See table
PN Valve kit Ordered separatelyPart number: 100458AA 8 mm connection hose, M 12 connector, 4-pole Bistable solenoid valve
P Roller pitch 100, 140, 180
Shifting NW STL
PPT 23 Angle transfer 300 mm 350 mm
400 mm 450 mm
500 mm 550 mm
600 mm 650 mm
800 mm 850 mm
PPT 23-PLL Parallel transfer 300 mm 550 mm
400 mm 650 mm
500 mm 750 mm
600 mm 850 mm
800 mm 1050 mm