Photocell equipment

Type PES 23

PES 23 photocell equipment is used for presence and flow control of
goods on roller and belt conveyors type Midi 23. PES is installed at the
upper slot of the conveyor beam.

Product description

The photocell equipment is available in three versions:
1. Reflector photocell WL9
2. Sender and receiver photocell WS9/WE9
3. Direct sensing photocell WT9

Operating voltage: 10-30 VDC
Output current: Max 100 mA
Current consump. max: WL 9u201330 mA, WS 9u201360 mA, WE 9u201315 mA, WT 9u201340 mA
Encapsulation class: IP 67
Output type: PNP
Contact type: 120 mm cable with M 12 contact, 4-pole
Product data
Photocell Max reading range Recommended reading range Part number
Reflector 1200 mm 900 mm 113019AA
Sender and receiver 7000 mm 5000 mm 113019AC
Direct sensing 250 mm 150 mm 113019AB
Teach 250 mm 150 mm 113019AD