Belt conveyor with scales

Type BWC 23

Belt conveyor with integrated scale unit that weighs the load carrier and
sends the information to the control and monitoring module. Statistical or
continuous weighing.


Max. total load 60 kg.

Product description

There are three different types of scales:

BWC 23-01 The scales work as simple check scales that provide a signal when the set max weight is exceeded. No display. Output signal digital I/O
BWC 23-11 The scales are used to show the actual weight with an output signal of real weight to the control system. Scales instrument with display on post at side of conveyor. Output signal RS 232
BWC 23-21 The scales are used when more information exchange is required between the scales instrument and the superior control system. No display. Output signal Profibus DP, Digital I/O
Drive unit BDE 23
Surface finish Steel, zinc plated. Aluminium, naturally anodised
L/R Left / Right
Product data

Product data, conveyor

TL Conveyor length 800, 1000, 1200 mm
S Conveyor speed NW300 0,13. 0,19. 0,31. 0,54. 0,72. 0,94. 1,03 m/s
NW400-800 0.13, 0.19, 0.31, 0.38, 0.54, 0.70, 0.94, 1.12 m/s
Height to transport level Min 360 mm
BL Balanced drive drum The high demands for scales accuracy and high speed, demand a balanced drive drum.
I Cable connection See BDE 23

Product data, scales unit

Number of load cells 2 pcs for NW300, 400 4 pcs for NW500, 600, 800
Accuracy, scales Resolution 0.02 kg
Temp. range -10 to 455ºC
Encapsulation IP65