Belt conveyor

Type BGL 23

Belt conveyor for handling unit loads.
Goods type: boxes, cartons, plastic totes, pallets. The conveyor is
equipped with safety cover plates to prevent jamming, where a conveyor
is installed adjacent to a machine or to another conveyor.


Max. load 100 kg/m.

Product description
Frame: Aluminium with plastic cover plate
Slide layer: Laminate slab of wood, cross brace of planed wood.
Surface finish: Steel, zinc plated, Aluminium, naturally anodised
Drive unit Underslung type BDU 23
Support stand Type BNS 23 - order separately
Side guide: Type LBS 23 - order separately
Product data
TL Conveyor length 800–20200 in units of 200 mm
D Turning roller NW300, NW400, NW500 54 mm
D Turning roller NW600, NW800 80 mm
BB Belt width 270, 370, 470, 570, 770 mm
NW Nominal width 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 mm

For maximum spread load, see dimensioning of drive unit BDU 23.
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