Company information

KNAPP AB develops, produces, delivers and maintains solutions and systems for intelligent logistics, warehousing, transportation and efficient picking systems.

An effective solution is recognized by a small footprint, a low lifetime cost, by effective handling with short lead times and good ergonomics.

KNAPP AB supplies individual components as well as fully automatic installations for:
• Pallet Handling Systems
• Carton and Tote Handling Systems

Our products and systems are used in the following areas:
• Food industry
• Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics
• Textile and clothing industry
• Office and Media
• Tools and spare parts
• Post handing systems
• Mail order handling, E-commerce
• Wood and furniture industry

Maintenance and Technical Support
Our technical support ensures fast and reliable assistance during the entire lifetime of the installation. We work to satisfy our customers’ requests and needs.

Company History
• 1969 Moving AB established in Åstorp, Sweden
• 1975 ITS-Comstore A/S established in Tappernöje Denmark.
• 1998 Moving AB acquires ITS-Comstore A/S>Moving IT’S A/S
• 2008 KNAPP AG acquires Moving, and Moving becomes KNAPP-moving.
• 2012 KNAPP-Moving becomes KNAPP AB

KNAPP AB is located in Åstorp, Sweden.